When life gets too heavy

Wow! Look at how quickly life changes. It is 2:43 am, and I’m just sitting here. Tired as hell, but I can’t help. I’ll most likely be up all night. So here we are….

How many of you are overwhelmed with the climate of our world?  

Are you feeling helpless?  

 Yet hopeful?  

Talk about a crazy combo of emotions! Right? My heart is heavy. The world is massive. LIFE is heavy and full of ups and downs. Sometimes you’re so used to feeling up that when you’re down…all you can think is, “how did I get here?”  

 Sometimes life gets too heavy.Heavier than we’d like. There are times when you don’t know how you’re going to pick yourself up. As much as we may not like it — The truth is, these moments are necessary. We can’t always show up in tip-top shape. We’re human, and life has a mind of its own.  

 It is okay to show up as who you are at that moment.  

 If you find yourself crying at 3 am, it’s okay. Are you smiling a little less than yesterday? That’s okay. Don’t want to be bothered? Been there! One of my favorite statements is, “Be kind to yourself.” Many times, we forget to treat ourselves with the love and respect we give others. Take time to connect with what you are feeling. Take time to disconnect. For many of us, we choose to gravitate to our support system.   

Whatever you need…DO IT!   

It comes a time when you can no longer continue neglecting your emotional needs. If we can’t pour into ourselves, how can we pour into others?  

Self-preservation is a must!   

Give yourself permission to feel

When we avoid expressing our feelings, we do not honor our whole being –mind, body, and soul. 

Our feelings are an essential aspect of our existence. I believe our emotions are the point of reference between the quality of life we want vs. what we are experiencing in real-time. Regardless of what we are feeling, positive or negative, feeling the feels opens doors to an authentic connection within.   

I read a helpful article by M.D. Christiane Northrup, where she talked about “giving yourself a permission slip,” and let me tell you — I never knew I needed this reassurance. Permission slips are necessary to tap into who we truly are.     

Self-care and check-ins

Good ol’ self-care. This concept will more than likely be everywhere on this blog. WHY?? Because so many of us forget to care for ourselves!! Check-in with yourself, assess your highs and lows. More importantly, put in place an action plan.  

Put yourself first girl; it’s not selfish

You can’t drive your car if the tank is empty, right?? The same goes for yourself! 

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