Life Skills are essential for our Youth

In an ever-growing society, STEM-based knowledge (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) has taken much of the focus in education to prepare youth for future careers. Not discrediting STEM-based education, but life skills should also play a vital role in making our youth well-rounded.


What are life skills?

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines life skills as adaptive and positive behavior that enables individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.


Such skills provide youth with essential tools for development, such as self-awareness, independent thinking, how to be assertive, coping with emotions/stress, and how to take action in situations where an adult may not be around to help or intervene.

Examples include:

– Positive thinking

– Critical Thinking

– Problem-solving

– Interpersonal skills


 However, in many situations, the above-mentioned skills cannot be utilized due to the lack of guidance and foundation.

Benefits of life skills at a young age

 At home

Parents can take an active role in laying the foundation for children at home. Such as providing opportunities for your child to problem solve, assigning chores to obtain an allowance, practicing budgeting, or implementing daily schedules for structure. Other options include game nights that focus on teamwork and building social skills.


Survival Skills

We will not always have our children in sight 24/7, making life skills even more vital to start teaching at a young age. Youth should know how to navigate circumstances, such as:

-Using kitchen appliances appropriately

-Who to call in case of an emergency (memorizing phone numbers)

-How to do laundry

-Living with intention

-How to problem-solve when dealing with peer pressure

Diagram showing the objectives of life skills education


Although formal education is the American standard, many of us can agree that we were not adequately prepared for the real world. Teaching such skills are necessary for improving educational outcomes in the classroom and creating effective learners of life.


Changing behaviors and improving social attitudes will allow our children to engage in the world around them. The earlier youth are taught, the better prepared they will be to take on life’s challenges.


We must set our children up for success giving them the best shot at a life worthwhile! Outsourcing resources to get started is a great way to introduce the topic of Life skills. View this article to learn more about Outschool: An online learning platform!