Become Intentional About YOU!

You didn't come this far to ONLY come this far!

What does this quote mean to you? For me, it’s saying that I am in a different position than I was before…so I need to keep going! I’m not done yet. I woke up this morning with Intentionality  on my mind. Being intentional about growth, the people in my life, and everything that occupies my space. The moment I decided to become intentional with things in my life, the happier and more purposeful I felt. We don’t improve by just living, we must be intentional about it.

To support my journey, I have started reading John Maxwell’s book, The 15 invaluable Laws of Growth. This book has been a game changer for me, as its purpose is to help us see value in growth and making it a priority. 

Plan your Personal Growth

“Do you have a plan for your personal growth?” The first question that stood out as soon as I cracked open this chapter. Personal growth plans are guidelines for life-goals, how we intend to achieve them, skills needed, and habits we need to develop or break. Such plans should be a lifelong commitment. 

When we commit long-term the benefits include learning who we are in depth, less confusion as you’re planning and achieving goals, the feeling of living your purpose, greater control over your life, and increased happiness. 

Make the transition from Accidental to intentional Growth

Have you found yourself in a rut? or are you currently in one? When planning our growth and wanting to be intentional we should always ask ourselves this question- ” I will know I have succeeded when______.” In asking this question, you are looking at your current schedule and creating a criteria for the achieved success. So how do you know you’re in a rut? John Maxwell shares how to identify the difference between accidental and intentional growth:

Accidental Growth

Plans to Start Growth

Waits for Growth to Come

Learns Only from Mistakes

Depends on Good Luck

Quits Early and Often

Falls into Bad Habits

Talks Big

Plays it safe

Thinks like a Victim

Relies on Talent

Stops Learning after Graduation

Intentional Growth

Insists on Starting Today

 Takes Complete Responsibility to Grow

Often Learns Before Mistakes

Relies on Hard Work

Perseveres Long and Hard

Fights for Good Habits

 Follows Through

Takes Risks

Thinks Like a Learner

Relies on Character 

Never Stops Growing

The Law of Intentionality from John Maxwells Book

4 tips to help you become more intentional

1.First, ask  the Big Question Now– Ask yourself where do you want to go? What direction do you want to go? What’s the farthest you can imagine going? These questions will kick-start your journey. ” The more you’ve got to work with , the greater the potential.”

2. Do it Now! – Self-explanatory , right? The worst thing you can do is make YOU a priority later.

3. Face the Fear Factor– In order to  grow we must stretch and change from what we are used to. This process can come with much fear ( Fear of failing, Fear of not being liked, Fear of not having things perfect, Fear of trading security for the unknown, and Fear of what others may say, and Fear that change will cause you to separate from the familiar). Such feelings are normal, but always refer back to your success criteria ” I will know I  have succeeded when_____.” Let your fears motivate you!

4. Change from accidental to intentional growth–  This is where you do more than just experience life. Seize your growth opportunities with purpose and don’t let life happen TO you…go out and DO life!

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