Health really is Wealth

Health is a way of living.

This is not some trend we pick up today and ditch in a few months. How many of you have heard the saying “Health is wealth?” This saying is true! Enjoying financial and personal successes mean nothing where you are not in the best health. Many of us are wanting to get healthier by the minute-but still feel like something is missing.

Now, if you ask anyone what it means to be healthy, you will most likely get a different definition every single time. It is one of those topics that is hard to simplify for many.

Having a physically fit body is usually the highlight definition of health. However, what we don’t realize is many of us are selectively healthy.

How can I talk to you all about the importance of personal development but not keep it real about the importance of a full body health transformation? Changing for the better, right? We love speaking about the “RIGHT NOWS” of getting our lives together but have certain exceptions. Many are adamant about working out, resting, self-care and how to do it properly but all that goes out the window when it comes to what we put into our bodies.

At this point, is health really wealth for you?

I am in no way a health expert; I can only speak from experience. I’ve had my fair share of hot Cheetos and cake in the morning, eating whole boxes of pizza to myself, and the fatty full course meals before bed. Tasty af!  Won’t even front! Like, you couldn’t have paid me to eat better. 

However, on my personal growth journey, I realized I needed to go just as hard for my physical health as I was going for my mental and spiritual. You cannot have one without the other.

I have come to understand how our food really alters moods and emotions- whole entire make up. It is important that we TRULY start to understand what we are putting in our body and not adopting habits because it’s trendy. When we are not eating right, we are unable to operate in our highest capacity.

There are no short cuts to health!

We must be 100% committed. No exceptions. No excuses. Having discipline and doing your due diligence to understand what is being put into your body is key. There are no short cuts to health is wealth! The World Health organization

When you tend to the present the way you are supposed to, the future will remain bright! Stop making exceptions when it comes to self-growth! Let’s not forget that with any type of change, it’s not going to be easy and takes a lot of hard work. 

4 ways to kick start your health is wealth lifestyle

1. Eat healthy meals

Now, many of you may not agree with this. That totally fine! However, if you want to reach the optimum level of healthy, I truly believe its all or nothing with living a healthy lifestyle. This includes eating a combination of different foods, including grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Most importantly, intake less salt and sugar. High amounts of salt and sugar can increase your chances of many illnesses. According to the World Health Organization, eating healthy will reduce your risk of malnutrition and noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

I, personally, have incorporated herbs and raw food into my lifestyle to achieve greater health. Herbs have many medicinal properties and with doing your research, you too can find additional ways to achieve optimal health and a lifestyle that compliments you well. 

2.Start small

Secondly, for many of us it may not be easy to go cold turkey and get rid of all the unhealthy and processed food, so you can start by adding in one or two services of these items every day. Making small changes for healthier meals will make your goals more attainable.  Overtime, the small changes will add up and you’ll see a big difference.

3.Have a routine

Sticking to new habits can be challenging. We all want to be healthy and know what we should be doing but like LIFE HAPPENS! We get busy, we may slack out. One thing we cannot do, is give up!  Maintaining a daily routine will assist in being intentional with your goals. 

4. Clean up your mental diet

Transitioning and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will take mental strength. I get it, temptation is everywhere. But what you think shapes everything in your world including what you commit to. Therefore, in order to not sway from you goals, feeding your mind with positivity, motivation, and constant knowledge can help keep you on track. 

What steps are you willing to take?