I quit my Job during COVID

Thinking about quitting YOUR job? Well… I quit my job! Continue reading to decide if it’s the right choice for you.


Becoming the best version of you is a fascinating yet nerve-wracking journey! 


At the beginning of March 2020, my employer sent out an email informing us that it was our last week in the office due to COVID. Talk about SHOCKED! Do not me get wrong, I enjoyed my job, and everyone was incredible; but the excitement was real.


The conversation in my head went like this, “Maaaan, I get to barricade myself in the house and not see anyone? You don’t have to tell me twice!” Barely got to say it once- because I was already burning rubber in the Parking Lot!


 Unpopular opinion: Being quarantined was the BEST thing to happen for me. It allowed me to quit my job.


It forced me to slow down & take time to just sit with myself.  Enjoying my space every day, alone, meant so much to me! 

Okaaay...and then what?

 Well, fast forward a couple of months, life began unraveling- self-development & reflection time hit harder than ever. Furthermore, starting the process of becoming more intimate with God. 


 As a result, a new vision for my life was being revealed. I was put in a position where my gifts needed to be utilized in the way God sees fit. So, the planning started, creative juices flowed, and confirmations were clear. Something huge was coming and didn’t know what it would be.  


 Before you know it, my resignation was submitted.


 Believe it or not, I was confident in my decision. There were only a few instances of deep thought regarding this decision. Such as, when I paid a bill, I thought about how I was “giving up” a paycheck or the closer it got to my last day. 


 Without a doubt, there was NO turning back! 


Much more went into this process, and you will find out as you follow me on this journey!

Cheers to New Beginnings

 Life took a massive turn in Jan 2021. I quit my job at the top of the year! 


 During this transition, it was as if God was saying, “No half-stepping! We are on a mission, and I need your DOPEness to do. Let’s get to it!” 


 Hence, why I am bringing you all “A World full of Rae” Blog. Something I NEVER thought I would do…EVER! Contrary to what I have been attempting to orchestrate on my own, the big man upstairs has other plans.


 Not only have I started blogging but teaching youth on OutSchool (much more to come about this). But I am taking my skill set and interests (life skills, personal development, and redefining life) to help women and youth live a more fulfilled and aware life!


 And I’m here for it!


 As someone who loves security and predictability, this was needed. My thinking has always been grand; I just had to let myself out of the box.  


Thinking big will take you out of your comfort zone, stir your passion, and unleash your creativity!

4 tips to remember when taking risks (including the decision to quit your job)

 I am not trying to encourage you to call up your employer tomorrow and quit on the spot; but I do believe taking that leap of faith ignites a different type of strength in you.


I’ve always been fearless, but this feeling is different. 

If you are thinking about taking a leap of faith, here are a few tips to keep in mind on your journey. 

1.You don't need the approval of others

First, remember to -Talk Less. Do More. You do not need other people speaking over your dreams and ideas, especially those who do not have your best interest at heart. When it comes to desires of the heart, the only person that matters is YOURSELF. 


Do not give other people the opportunity to
speak doubt, fear, or hate onto your plans. 

2.Fear is your friend

Now, This tip may be a bit confusing. Rightfully so! However, on this journey, it is crucial to be proactive and positive with our thinking. Fear is something we avoid. Fear ruins our plans before we even get started. 


Fear is also identified as a warning- it shows us that we need to dig deep down to identify the root problem. It gives us the chance to take action and CONQUER! Use this energy to seek change. 


You will be amazed at the courage and strength you walk into.


3.Have faith- It is your life support

The life’s attacks will come, self-doubt may creep, and people may switch up. You must remain faithful. Do not delay your greatness by questioning the will placed on your life to be the best you can be. 



4. Don't stop digging and growing

Lastly, Taking risks is more of a mental process than anything. Strengthening our minds takes practice. 


What I have learned is so much of my personal development has come from taking risks. Many things will begin to be revealed and rediscovered. 


Make a commitment to continuing digging deep inside yourself, learning new things, and redefining life on your own terms.  Maybe you’ll be in the road to quit your job soon!

Leap of faith