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Raeana Bennett (Rae)


Hey I’m Rae! Your favorite Personal Development Coach who believes the best investment you can make is in yourself!

My story started once I made the conscious decision to get uncomfortable. On the outside, I appeared to have it all figured out. I was working for a great company and returned to school for my Masters. Yet, I was still feeling unfulfilled. I wanted MORE but didn’t exactly know what the “more” was. This awareness kick-started my search for what was missing. The search led me to moving out of state. Thinking to myself- “This is exactly what I need.” A fresh start, new environment, and new learning opportunities. I was blessed to have transitioned into another great organization with amazing people. Fast forward…the pandemic hit! The World paused. Then something happened…unfulfillment came knocking AGAIN! So, the move wasn’t enough? I guess not.

I realized what I was looking for was freedom- Spiritually and Emotionally! My Personal Development journey went intro overdrive this time around. Talk about a full transformation- finding comfort in self-discovery and redefining my world. Taking the skills learned over the years and life experiences, I knew I wanted to become a Personal Development Coach. Why? Because I possess a natural gift for helping others find clarity in areas of uncertainty and creating strategies to navigate through life. Moreover, there’s nothing like connecting with someone who relates to where you’ve been and where you are trying to go.

A World Full of Rae is for Women & Youth who:

  • Need guidance navigating though life
  • Want support on their growth journey
  • Want to discovery who they truly are and redefine what life means to them
  •  Are frustrated by disconnection or unfulfillment
  • Dealing with a lack of direction
  • Want to learn more about personal development and it’s benefits 

How often do you want to work with us ?

Single Session

  • One 60-minute session with Phone/Virtual Flexibility
  • A single session can help you: gain clarity in a certain area, make a personal decision, or allow you to unburden yourself by getting something off your chest.

Growing Program

  • 1 month Program (4 Calls)
  • 60-minute sessions weekly with Phone/Virtual flexibility
  • Unlimited email support
  • This one-month program is a great investment to kick-start your development journey by setting the proper foundation. We will focus on the primary goal that YOU want to achieve. Includes a Personal Development plan.

Total Alignment Program

  • 3 month Program (12 calls)
  • 60-minute sessions weekly with Phone/Virtual flexibility
  • Unlimited email support
  • In this 3-month program, you will enrich your soul, learn to be more intentional about your desires, regain control of your life, and go confidently in working towards your goals without the burden of tradition. Includes a Personal Development Plan.

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